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Hey there new friend!

I’m Shaylah Coogan.  I originally started this blog years ago as a way to help single moms navigate the rough and fierce waters I once went through. But I discovered that I was still fighting those rough waters in my mind and deep within my soul. {you will notice this in my old posts…some are so depressing!}

Call it PTSD, depression, anxiety, whatever…I was still seeking guidance on how God wanted to use me or my writings to help others. I took a year plus hiatus to just pray, think, write and pray some more all as some pretty horrible things were happening around me. But God has been faithful to me. The result is fully guided by Christ {and still under construction!} and I pray that it will be a source of laughter, advice to keep your sanity, self-reflection and encouragement for all women, not just single moms!

So a little about me…

I’m a Christ follower, Bible loving, former unbeliever, wife to Corey and mother to 18 year old Tyler and 16 year old Nia.  That’s my boring description.

I LOVE words!  So here’s a few to accurately describe me best… Curious. Peculiar. A bit odd. Passionate. Funny. Blunt. I’m broken. Flawed. Whimsical. A wanderer. Dependable yet unpredictable. A true Empath. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. {and surprise! God isn’t either} I feel it’s irresponsible to vote a straight one party ticket. I’m for whomever consistently does the right thing especially when no one is looking.

I’m a fighter. Once a homeless, food stamp card toting single mom. An abuse survivor. A rape survivor. Former drug and alcohol user. College dropout. A triumphant overcomer. Legacy changer. A writer. A speaker. Loves photography but can’t be trusted with a camera. Reader. I’m obsessed with books, paper and good pens. Creative. Sarcastic. I’m certainly not your average mom and some of my best parenting tips must remain a secret. But my kids are really great people who talk to me about everything and anything…so I must be doing something right even if I’m slightly unconventional. I fiercely love those in need.  Expressive. Dreamer. Explorer. Nature lover. Single mom activist.

I laugh at things I probably shouldn’t laugh at. And at times, I tell jokes I probably shouldn’t tell. I’m most often directionless with bouts of random outbursts and unappealing dance moves. Loves shelter dogs {i have 4} I’m giving. Overweight. I’m on a steady dose of anti-depressants and anxiety meds with an occasional diet pill. {don’t judge, I promise it’s better this way}

I’m a mom, mentor and friend to many. I’m a parent and moderator to my mentally ill adult divorcing parents. I’m a nap lover who lives on quad shots of espresso {i have a serious caffeine problem}.  My hubs and I sleep with all 4 of our tiny dogs…gross to some but try telling me that once you’ve had the softest tiny cuddlers wrapped around your side and legs. It’s undeniably the most perfect way to sleep. I catch toads, lizards and always try to befriend our backyard squirrels and opossums. Huge nature lover. I’m low maintenance and find comfort in jeans and a old t-shirt.

I grew up in a home surrounded by generations of mental illness and abuse. I’m a generation changer. Turning ugly into funny was a survival mechanism. So I’m brutally honest with periods of mental illness surrounded in dark humor. I don’t always know where I’m going and I like it that way. I can be scatterbrained and forgetful. But surprisingly, I can get some %$&* done! And…I cuss sometimes {i really try not too, please pray for me}.  I’m a fixer upper. HGTV obsessed. Horrible cook. I’m loved, forgiven and full of God’s grace. I poke sticks in ant holes and watch them scatter. And I have a strange collection of me in face cut outs. And many have probably wondered if there is something wrong with me!

I unexpectedly found myself an activist for single moms…and I love it.  I’m blessed with an awesome husband who loves and adores my children as his own, loves to cook {many of my recipes are his!} and treats me like a princess.  I grateful that God’s word molded me as a mother and a wife. I cherish being alive, I’m thankful for my life and am unapologetic about who I am.

Oh, and I love you!  Thank you for allowing me to share!  So please explore, join a challenge, attempt a recipe, ask a question, subscribe and please share.

xo ~ Shaylah

Last updated 6.2017


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