A little about me…

I’m a Christ loving, 40+ year-old (yikes!!) mom of two really great teenagers and a wife to a VERY PATIENT, loving and I must say a VERY handsome man.   I’m on staff at the most amazing church in Keller, Texas and oversee the most incredible single moms ministry out there!  I serve on the board of directors for Seeds of Joy, a ministry serving the needs of families in crisis.

I have a huge heart for Jesus and following the calling He has placed on me.  I have a deep passion for animals, kids, and especially single moms.  As a former single mom, I quickly became an expert at making a messy disaster of my life.  Waking up every morning to the same stressed out life became a source of depression and hopelessness.  Once I made the decision that this type of life was no longer acceptable and that God would be at our center, our lives were forever changed.  God pushed me out of my comfort zone to share my story of failures and mistakes to encourage other moms to not walk the same path but to be inspired to become a LIVING LEGACY of change and hope to their children. 

However you may fit into the mold of single motherhood, I am so glad you’re here and I pray that my blog will offer you much-needed support, encouragement and hope.  Single moms are some of the hardest working ladies I know yet also the most fragile.  You carry the entire world on your shoulders.  I would love to interact with you in hopes that no single mom has to live a life on the verge of breaking.

Love and prayers to you all!


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