Happy Valentine’s Day (Training Up Our Boys Day)

I think Valentines Day should be a day where we teach our boys how to properly treat a girl not just on one day of the year but every day of the year.
Things like open the car door for you, hold your hand, help plan dinner, help you cook, set a beautiful table setting, bake you treats, make you a thoughtful card, maybe give your son a little cash to go pick out some pretty flowers for you and his sister (if applicable), select some nice music and he should ask you to dance.
You may say well what about him? What does he get?
He gets to enjoys in all these things today too but what he will treasure most is how special he made you feel, he’ll soak in every compliment you give him for doing such a great job and every smile.  He won’t even realize that you’re training him up to be a future husband like no other.
And your daughter won’t realize that she is learning to accept only the best treatment from a man. And that she is so deserving of these little things that make her feel special and loved.
Happy Valentines Day
(or Training Up Our Boys Day as I like to call it!!!)