Patiently, I await.

Alone.  Lonely.  Lonesome.  Loneliness.  Solitude.  Isolated.  Forsaken.  Abandoned.  Unloved.  Unwanted.

Once in your shoes.  Single motherhood and loneliness go hand in hand.

Full of insecurities and doubt, attracting the wrong men.  Lies.  All lies.  Lies I believed about myself.  Lies I believed from the wrong kind of men.

Spiritual warfare within my mind.  My soul.

Left disappointed, broken and ALONE again.  Thief of joy.

Unanswered prayers.

Or so I thought….

Be alone.  Deep in prayer.  Absorbed in His word.  In community.  Cleansing and Healing.  The ultimate Healing.

Learn to love me.  Learn to see me the way He sees me.  Believe in His truths about me.

Very much loved and very much wanted by Him alone.  This is more than enough.  Grace.  Forgiveness.  Could there be more?  Awaken.  Alive.

And…never alone.

Thank you dear Lord.

Sufficient and whole through Christ.

Gifts of armor I shall wear.  Protects me.  Taking captive every ill thought and lie as they gather around me for battle.

Ready for my soul mate.  Patiently I await.  As He does His work in him.  So to be ready for me.

I shall wait for him.

The gift of my love given to me so perfectly packaged.  He’s wonderful.  Marriage and partner for life.

Thank you dear Lord.

Trusting Him.  Forgiven.  Full of grace.  Worth it.  Loved.  Grateful.