Saving $$ With Discounted Gift Cards



Save $$ by Making Purchases with Discounted Gift Cards


You know you’ve got to do it.  There is just no way around it.  Eventually, you WILL have to shop for food, clothing, household products, gifts…I think you get what I’m saying!  You are going to have to spend money!!  Ekkkkk!!!   Double ekkkkkk when you are living on a super tight budget.  So you have started collecting coupons, you’re planning out your meals, you’re searching grocery sales flyers…have you considered saving even more by making those purchases with discounted gift cards?

There are several websites out there that allow you to purchase gift cards at a discounted rate.  And there are hundreds of stores to choose from….office supply, clothing stores, restaurants, theatres, just to list a teeny, tiny few!  You can easily stretch your budget by purchasing discounted gift cards and then do your shopping with them.  Combine coupons and in store sales with your discounted gift card and your savings will really increase.  Of if you are looking for discounted gift to give this could be the perfect option!

Have you ever received a gift card that you know you will never use?  You can sell it to one of these websites.

Most often the website will tell you how many are left of each gift card.  So you may have to move quick if there are only 1 or 2 left.

Here is just an example of some of the savings I found on

Loft – 20% off

Ross – 13% off

Barnes & Noble – 17% off

Bath & Body Works – 15% off

Carrabbas – 10% off

Foot Locker – 14% off

Nike – 14% off

Walgreens – 10%

Forever 21 – 21% off

Rue21 – 26% off

Regal Movie Theatres – 15% off

Panera – 8% off

Old Navy – 13% off

SpaFinder – 20% off

Tiffany & Co – 8% off

West Elm – 7% off

Payless – 28% off

Build-A-Bear – 21% off

Aeropostale – 25% off

AMC Theatres – 15% off

Lowes – 9.5% off

Whole Foods – 3.5% off

Starbucks – 12% off

Target – 4% off

Walmart – 3.5% off

Kohls – 9% off

Just to name a few!  Seriously…the list is HUGE!!

Here is a few of those websites:


If you find this helpful, won’t you please share with another mom?  Thank you so very much!  Have you purchased discounted gift cards before?  Any horror stories or lessons learned to share?


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