Family Easter Traditions

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Family Easter Traditions

Easter has been an important holiday for our family for many years.  The biblical meaning of Easter is much more profound and significant than just Easter egg decorating and hunting.  The true meaning reminds us to accept His gifts of love, forgiveness, grace and eternal life.  We gather together as a family for prayer, togetherness over a delicious meal and of course all of the decorating and Easter egg hunting allow us to create fun memories with our loved ones for years to come.

A giant part of those fun activities have resulted in some amazing traditions.  It creates fantastic memories for our children to then pass down to their own children.  I know my kids always look forward to participating in the preparation as well as the day itself.

When the kids were much younger we enjoyed Easter service at church, kid friendly biblical lessons, egg decorating, Easter baskets, spring festivals, candy and photos with the Easter Bunny.  When the kids and I joined Corey’s family, we experienced a really fun tradition that has been perfect for all ages!

About two months prior to Easter, my mother-in-law gives each family a bag full of four large Styrofoam eggs from a local craft store.  The only rules are to decorate your egg in any possible way and to just be as creative as possible.  Most often we try to come up with a design that has the word “egg” in it somehow but several have been Christian themed, favorite movie characters, stories or messages.  I am always shocked by how creative my family can be!

So in case you were looking for a new tradition to start with your family, I thought I would share a few of our past entries that I was able to locate:

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“Egg-stravagant Gardens”

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“Eggsquisite Bride”

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“Harley Eggson” and you can see another finalist in the background – “Eggsealant”.  Its an egg wrapped around a tube of sealant!

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“Sunny Side Up”

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“Eggward Scissorhands”

So there are just a few I was able to find in my massive collection of photos over the years.  Some of the others we have come up with in years past include Arnold Swarzen”egg”er, Egg Plant, A Pegg Legg Pirate and A Begger (egg dressed as a hobo – see photo below).  This year my egg will be the “Kool-egg Man”, painted all red and I will add feet, arms and his famous pitcher!

We still make the kids (all teenagers) do a small Easter egg hunt full of some cash and candy (because it embarrasses them!) but the Styrofoam egg decorating contest has been our big hit year after year.  It is a fun tradition the entire family can be a part of and it is super inexpensive.  We use things we find around the house, things saved from other projects and toys or we make a trip to the dollar store.

Either way the result is always lots of laughter and good times spent together as a family….all from just allowing our creativity to flow!

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What Easter traditions do you celebrate with your family?