Why YOU Matter

Why YOU Matter https://thereoncewasthisgirl.wordpress.com I found myself in a terrible funk yesterday which has carried through to today.   I am feeling such a heavy burden in my heart that I just needed to sit down and write. I fix my kids breakfast each morning while they are showering and getting ready for school and [...]


Mealtime Struggles Part I – How Coupons and Meal Planning Can Help

Mealtime Struggles Part I - How Coupons and Meal Planning Can Help  ( https://thereoncewasthisgirl.wordpress.com ) So...there once was this girl who was not skilled at cooking, did not know how to save, use coupons or meal plan and as a result the grocery budget just never seemed to go far enough.  Can you relate? During [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day (Training Up Our Boys Day)

I think Valentines Day should be a day where we teach our boys how to properly treat a girl not just on one day of the year but every day of the year. Things like open the car door for you, hold your hand, help plan dinner, help you cook, set a beautiful table setting, [...]

Who Are You Raising Your Children Up To Be?

Who Are You Raising Your Children To Be? https://thereoncewasthisgirl.wordpress.com My two teenagers tend to occupy my thoughts throughout the day.  I only have a few short years left to really "parent" them and make a significant impact in their lives.  When I want to do something for them to make their lives easier I have [...]

A Day in the Life of a Single Mom

The alarm goes off at 5:30am.  She's so mentally and physically exhausted.  It's difficult to get going but she can't afford to be late to work again.  Shower, dressed, hair and makeup done by 6am.  Kids up and dressed after she tries her best to throw breakfast together for the kids (please don't let it burn, oh PLEASE [...]

The evolution of a misfit to a mom and wife…

There once was this girl.... She grew up with the lowest of low self esteem.  She feared people, especially those in any type of power.  With very few friends, she was shy, an extreme introvert who barely spoke but a few words.  She was bullied which increased the pain she felt inside.  Hurting herself allowed [...]