Best Teen Girl Birthday Party Idea … Ever!


I have been meaning to share this with all my moms for sometime now but after sharing the idea with a friend from church the other day and her loving the idea for her daughter, I knew I had to get this on my blog to share with everyone.

Okay…so you have a pre-teen or teenage daughter with a birthday quickly approaching.  What do you do that hasn’t been done a thousand times before?  How do you create the most fantastic party for your daughter while staying within your budget?

I have got the greatest, most fun, most amazing birthday party idea in all the world!!!  My daughter attended a birthday party a few months ago.  I arrived on time to pick her up but the party was running a little behind schedule so they invited me in…and I am so very, very happy they did!!  The mom said I could steal and share her idea anytime.

The party was themed “The Fashion Challenge”.  And here are the details:

Instead of purchasing and giving away party favors, you give each girl who arrives a pretty envelope with $20.00 inside.  You may be thinking right away WHOA $20!!  I thought this was going to be “budget friendly”.... so just follow me for a minute and you will see.

The idea of the challenge is for the girls to shop and put together an amazing outfit with only $20.00!!  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it??

Keep the number of party guests small.  Before the day of the party, decide on what inexpensive girls clothing store you are going to use.  Some great ideas are Rue21 and Forever21 – both are super inexpensive yet carry all the fashions teens are in love with.  But you can only select one store so make the decision well before the girls arrive.  You will also need to create an easy to understand document that outlines the points values for each girl to use.  Once you have created this document, I would print several on one sheet of paper, cut it out in little squares and place inside each money envelope.  They can use it to assign points to the other girls as well.

For example:

Most Creative Outfit – 10pts

Ability to purchase a top and bottom – 10pts

Accessories plus a top and bottom – 20pts

You get the idea.  Just make it super easy for the girls to be able to rate each other once you are back home.

Inform the girls of the following rules before they begin to shop.

Here are the rules:

  • 1 hour total to shop and purchase
  • Keep your receipts
  • Do not go over your $20.00
  • You can not use your own money

Not using your own money is a big rule for me.   Just as we keep our family on a budget, some of the girls attending the party may have limited funds or their parents have limited funds.  

Once the shopping is done and the time is up, take all the girls back to your home for food, cake and presents. Sometime in between those activities, tell the girls they can go change into their new outfits or they can just display them.  Each girl votes on the other girls outfits.  The girl with the highest score wins a prize you have purchased before hand.  But they must be able to provide their receipt showing they did not go over $20.00.  Each girl then gets to go home with their new outfit!

(I thought of an alternative to assigning points and naming a winner, if you choose not to do that.  If each of the girls follows the above 4 rules they each get a mini prize.  It could be a small lotion or just an oversized candy bar.  Then just have a fashion show with the girls in their new outfits!)

If you have older teenage girls, you could take them to the mall, assign them into teams (they must stay together) and allow them to each use their $20.00 in multiple stores.  They must meet you at the assigned spot within 45 minutes.

So where does “budget friendly” come into play?  Think of how much you typically spend on your daughter’s birthday party.  You can easily do “make your own pizza’s” or pick up a bunch of Little Caesar’s pizza’s at about $6.00 a box. We always make our own birthday cakes each year for each kid.  We have done this since they were old enough to talk. They pick out the flavor of cake, icing and design and I always allow them the opportunity to help me bake it. Many times we add cupcakes too!  I’ve always thought our homemade cakes tasted so much better than grocery store cakes….and it has become a bit of tradition for us…a memory maker, as I like to call them!

Most years I try to make their invitations as well because I’ve got a creative side to me that must be allowed out every once in a while…or….I…will….explode!  You can also check out Pinterest to get some inexpensive ideas on decorations.  Your daughter may even enjoy helping you create and decorate the perfect party (a memory maker!)!  One of these days I’ll post my decorations from my wedding…using some of my most favorite wholesale price stores!  (I’ve got two words for you….Koyal Wholesale!!!!)

So here is just a basic possible breakdown:

  • 6 girls (including the birthday girl) – $120.00
  • 3 large pizzas – $18.00
  • 1 case of water bottles from Costco – $4.00
  • Homemade birthday cake and icing (box from grocery store) – under $10.00
  • Party favors – already taken care of!
  • Invites – create your own!

Not too bad when I think about the money spent on previous birthday parties!  

If you use this idea for your daughter, will you please share with us the details of your party?  Any ideas or suggestions to add to this?  Best wishes to you on an amazing birthday party!!