Depressed, Stressed, Mentally Exhausted?

Hello precious mom,

Parenting alone created some of the most stressful times of my entire 40+ years of life. Looking back now, I can see how truly traumatic the experience was. Struggling to make ends meet, keep food on the table or the lights and water on…month after month was emotionally and physically exhausting.

There were several times where I thought I was about to have a complete and utter breakdown and then there were times where I felt as though I could truly welcome a breakdown into my life. I just wanted to sleep. I wanted peace and sleep. Like, real sleep. Not the kind where your mind is constantly racing at lightning speed with worries, to do lists, bills, events, sick kids, family drama, college homework, safety.  As you can see or as you have experienced yourself, this list could go on and on.

Depression was inevitable in my high stress filled world. But I was ashamed, embarrassed and I wanted to be in control. I truly wish I would have sought help, either through a professional or through a church.  If you can relate to any of this, I highly recommend reaching out to your church or any local church first. If they don’t offer counseling within their church walls, most can direct you to a list of recommended counselors with some offering discounted services.

xo ~ Shaylah


As I was searching for resources to help others in this area, I came across the New Life Christian Counseling Network.  It is specific to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.