%@#$, I’m Pregnant

Positive. The test was positive.  What should have been a moment of sheer joy was instead unbelief then panic. I'm pregnant. I just found out I'm pregnant...in my on again, off again boyfriend's bathroom.  This was not how I imagined this moment would unfold.  A million thoughts were filling my mind and then the final [...]


Why YOU Matter

Why YOU Matter https://thereoncewasthisgirl.wordpress.com I found myself in a terrible funk yesterday which has carried through to today.   I am feeling such a heavy burden in my heart that I just needed to sit down and write. I fix my kids breakfast each morning while they are showering and getting ready for school and [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day (Training Up Our Boys Day)

I think Valentines Day should be a day where we teach our boys how to properly treat a girl not just on one day of the year but every day of the year. Things like open the car door for you, hold your hand, help plan dinner, help you cook, set a beautiful table setting, [...]

Stay-cation Ideas

Stay-cation Ideas Http://thereoncewasthisgirl.wordpress.com You've got a week off from work but not enough money to travel somewhere with the kids.  DON'T STRESS!  As a single mom, I was only able to save up to take my kids on a vacation once.  If you can call it a real vacation...I'm not sure.  I booked a nice room [...]

A Day in the Life of a Single Mom

The alarm goes off at 5:30am.  She's so mentally and physically exhausted.  It's difficult to get going but she can't afford to be late to work again.  Shower, dressed, hair and makeup done by 6am.  Kids up and dressed after she tries her best to throw breakfast together for the kids (please don't let it burn, oh PLEASE [...]