Supermom – Lies We Believe

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Supermom – Is She Real or Just a Myth?

I see her around town from time to time.  She’s legendary!  I am quite certain you have seen her too.  She’s the mom you look at with envy.  Your jealousy takes over and you begin to think the absolute worst about yourself.  You are just not good enough and you’re doing a horrific job at this mothering stuff.  Why can’t you be more like her?  She always looks so put together from head to toe.  She’s got a baby on her hip, one in a stroller, the other behaving perfectly walking along beside her.  She always seem to have beautifully (handmade, I might add) cupcakes or treats for the class or team.  How does she balance work, kids, dance practice, football practice, school, home… and still look as though all of her sanity is intact?  The truth is my sweet friends, that it is all a mask.  We all wear masks from time to time, to hide what we are really going through. Supermom does it too.

The enemy has so much fun telling us lies about ourselves.  He encourages us to compare ourselves to other women.  To compare what she has to what we don’t have.  He only has to tell us so many times to where we take over on autopilot and destroy our own self-worth and confidence.

Do you tell your kids that Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk and Batman are all real?  No.  Supermom is not real either…she is a myth that the enemy uses to make us feel less about ourselves and ultimately allow us to be consumed with insecurity and eventually depression.  We must stop comparing ourselves to other moms and recognize Supermom for who she truly is.  She is a figment created by the enemy and placed within our imagination. Comparing ourselves to others robs us of our joy.  Joy that could be spent enjoying our lives, living our lives and enjoying our children…but instead we are miserable and depressed.  Supermom is just like you and me.  Maybe she has learned to balance her time a little better, manage her finances, organize and cook more efficiently.  Thus saving her time to make those beautiful cupcakes!  Maybe she has kept Christ at the center of her life and she just allowed everything else to fall into place?  It does not mean she doesn’t face some of the same struggles or get overwhelmed, she has just learned to do things a little differently.  As mothers, we need to be more forgiving of ourselves and understand that the Supermom we are admiring and comparing ourselves to, really doesn’t have super powers at all.

Lies we believe:

  1. you are not as good at parenting as she is
  2. she is perfect and you are not as pretty as she is
  3. she has a much more exciting life than you
  4. you don’t have the time to do the things she is doing
  5. her kids are perfect but mine are {fill in the blank here}
  6. her life is perfect while I am constantly struggling
  7. she has a better house, a nicer car, prettier clothes…

God tells us:

  1. all He asks is for us to be Godly parents, not for us to make perfect children
  2. you are beautiful and wonderfully made and in trying to be perfect you are essentially rejecting God’s truth
  3. remember your happiness is a choice
  4. there is a time for everything
  5. there are no perfect people, not even children
  6. stop comparing, start appreciating
  7. jealousy and envy will keep you from enjoying the life He has planned for you

You are called to be content as you learn how to be sufficient through Christ rather than your fleshly and earthly desires (Phil 4:11-13).

People we see on Facebook or other social media, hardly ever portray themselves in the real light of things.  And that’s ok.  It is honestly none of our business and has absolutely nothing to do with our life and the little humans we are trying to raise.  Other people are not obligated to share the ugly stuff but it is important to remember that it is never the whole picture of that person.  Every single one of us has flaws and struggles but I guarantee you that you have some really lovely and beautiful qualities as well.  Insecurity is something offered to us by the enemy.  We can choose to accept his lies or we can choose to accept the truth provided by our heavenly Father.  Insecurity will tell us that we are not good enough, it will constantly compare us to other woman and then list off the reasons for us to believe it to be true.

It is spiritual warfare in our minds (2 Cor 10:3).  Believing these lies can turn into a stronghold within your thoughts that can eventually debilitate you spiritually then mentally.  When we hate on ourselves, our children are listening and watching.  Let’s show them how to find the great qualities we all possess and to focus on those when Satan is telling us to compare ourselves against others.  Think of it this way… you see inner beauty and really amazing qualities in your kids that they just can’t seem to see or can’t believe, however we know them to be true.  God sees your inner beauty and amazing qualities and He wants you to see them and believe them!  See, we are just as impossible as our kids.  Learn to renew your mind based on God’s word (Eph 4:22-23) and learn to “take every thought captive” as God instructs us to do.

When insecurity and comparison start to creep into your joy, immediately recognize it for who it ultimately belongs to….it rhymes with Payton.  Once you recognize this you are better equipped to fight it off.  We put the “full armor of God” on by remembering God’s truths about us and keeping him in the center of our lives.  Keeping your heart in a place of thankfulness is also additional piece of armor against insecurity and comparison.  When you find ourselves envious or jealous of something someone else has, begin to list in your head all of the things you are most thankful and grateful for.

I think it is safe to assume that we all know the textbook definition of the word Mother.  I believe the true definition is best given through the eyes of our own children.  Our little humans see, hear and pick up on everything within the environment we are providing them…habits, behaviors, how we handle problems and stress…everything.  Lets show our little ones how to love themselves through God’s eyes.

What are some of the lies you have believed?

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